Monday, December 26, 2016

bye bye Christmas tree

Nic is taking down the decorations from the Christmas tree. Christmas is over. You can ofcourse use the tree until 5 or 6 januari. May be she will change her mind. We will see.
The dog and the cat are near her. The  cups of coffee stay warm on the heater. There is still a tangerine cake left. A string of lights is already hanging around her neck.

The dog, cat and chairs are all from the last gift from Yasum in the Christams Calender. You get a fully furnished tree house.  All parts can be used separately. So cool. So hurry up to Yasum before it's too late.
The heater with cups is from a pose set from the 2nd Level Event. I used it just as decor.
Nic's dress is in three other colors free in the subscribe -o-matic at ::uNA::  ( black, gold and red) A confetti dress is may be useable for 31 december.
For full scene see below.

Dress: ::uNA:: - :;uNA:: Diana serpentine dress salmon ( free as subscribe-o matic gift in gold, red and black)
Shoes: REIGN - REIGN Christmas gift ( free/ but group join fee)
String lights around Nic: Caboodle - Caboodle - Tangled String Lights - Group Gift (free)
Tattoo: .::Nanika::. at Tres Chic -  .::Nanika::. Snowflake tattoo GIFT  for Tres Chic (free)
From inventory: Hair - little.bones ( EVE)

Coffee Heater: .:Joplina at 2nd Level Event  .:Joplino:. Coffee Heater ( free)
Kneeled pose with bauble: [ evoLove ] at The Avenue  - Baubles - Group Gift( free)
Tangerine cake and string lights: Raindale at 2nd Level Event - Raindale ~ 2nd level gift (free)(unpacked)
Chair, dog, tiki mask, manequin  and cat - Yasum* - part  of *Yasum 24th Christmas Gift* Treehouse (free)
From inventory: baubles in both hands: Frozen- Bauble Gift ( old); box with  baubles - [M.R.A.] Christmas tree - LaQ Decor
Pictures taken at  Scarlet Creative.
Bye bye, Nic
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