Saturday, December 17, 2016

there he comes

Is it his birthday? Yes it is. She prepared some cakes for him. Waiting in her new chair at the porch. It's cold outside but with her new coat from Blueberry, she enjoys it. Under the coat she is wearing a present from Dead Dollz for The Crossroads.
The chair was a gift from Santa at Fancy Decor. Dancer told me:  " you can go to Fancy Decor the next quarter of an hour. Santa is there and he will give for free whatever you want from the shop. May be watch first what they have at Marketplace." I followed her advise and saw many nice items. Although Santa is now sleeping and although i don't know if the shop will do this more, it's worthwhile to show the white linen chair, because it's a nice one also for you may be to buy. The turquoise plaid and cushion are part of the chair. Nice props and poses are included.
From another event ( Color Me Project)  i show presents:  The chocolat bar ( on the chair) and the table with Christmas tarts are from Color Me Project. Nearly all the sales stands have presents. From the Chapter Four is the star lamp and the square /trianges table (3 versions, open, folded  and scripted). The legwarmers are a gift at On9 from La Gazza Ladra. May be not the best combi with an elegant dress, but on a porch in the cold it is okay to me. The WinterWoods Winter lantern  from [CIRCA] you can get at Color me Project ( three versions in the box)

Dress: Dead Dollz at The Crossroads - .::Dead Dollz::. Xmas Delight - Crossroads Gift (free)
Jacket: Blueberry - Blueberry - Minnie - Maitreya/Belleza/Slink - White (NEW)
Legwarmer: La Gazza Ladra at On9 - ~LGL~ Cozywoozy . (Red&Green) Gift  (free)
From inventory: Fringe  booties - REIGN; Hair - pr!tty

Chair: Fancy Decor - Fancy Decor Armchair white Linen ( gift from Santa for me at the main shop)
Christmas tarts on table : Bee Designs at On9 - On9 - 2016 Grand Holiday Party Gift-Bee Designs
Lantern: [CIRCA] at CMP - [CIRCA] Pkg - "WinterWoods" - Lantern Set GIFT CMP
Chocolat bar: Frozen  at CMP -  Frozen chocolat bar  gift ( free)
Star Lamp: Chez Moi at TCF - Star lamp CHEZ Moi - (free)
Square/ triangles table : Kalopsia at TCF - Kalopsia - Square/Triangles Table (free)
From inventory: Christmas luminary, rug  and pine cone candles - Pixel Mode ; Berry cake - Dust Bunny ( old gift); rustic log console - [V/W] ( see post before this one); porch from Holiday gift winter cabin - Blueberry ( last year)
Pictures made in the Winter cabin.
Bye bye< Nic

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