Friday, December 16, 2016

spread the peace ( On9 presents and TCF)

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Spread the peace... It's so important today!! Seeing the refugees from Aleppo in Syria with little kids.. my heart is in pain. Christmas time is time for feast because of the birth of such an innocent child. We decorate the house for the feast..  don't forget the origin of it.
Nic is standing in front of the door of the Annelise House from Scarlet Creative. Her dress is a new release at FA Creations. She is wearing the dress with stockings and boots from FA Creations ( all new). There is also a very good new groupgift in the shop and a snuggle outfit as X-mas gift

Around Nic presents from On9. There are so many places to go for presents at the moment. In every post i show you a new event mixed with already mentioned events. The bauble earring, the hair, hairband, the pearl choker and the paper miniature christmas tree are from The Chapter Four. The tray with cookies, the white Christmas tree, the table behind the christmas tree (rustic log console) , the ornamental lanterns, the no place like home board, the hanging stars and the magnolia bangle are all from On9

On Nic:
Dress: FA Creations - ::FAC:: Jules Mini T-Shirt Dress (unpacked)
Boots: FA Creations- ::FAC:: Pam Suede High Boots (NEW)
Net stockings: FA Creations - ::FAC:: Netty Net Panty Hose (NEW)
Pearl Choker - -SECRETS at TCF -SECRETS- Pearl Choker - Gold (free)
Hair: pr!tty at TCF - pr!tty - Honoka - {all color huds} .boxed.(free)
Headband: pr!tty at TCF  - TCF CHRISTMAS GIFT Christmas Kitty (pr!tty) (free)
Poses: Le Poppycock at TCF - Le Poppycock *Spread the Peace* TCF Gift Poses (free)
Earring: :::ChicChicca::: atTCF - :::ChicCHicca::: earrings TCF gift (free)
Magnolia bangles: Haysuriza at On9 - Haysuriza On9 - 2016 Grand Holiday Party Gift(free)

Table: [V/W] at On9 - [ V/W] rustic log console (free)
Miniature Christmas Tree: GA  at TCF - GA Miniature Christmas Tree (free)
Ornamental Lantern; [The Forge] at On9 - [The Forge] Ornamental lantern 1 and 2(free)
White Christmas tree: :: N :: at On9 - :: N :: Grand Holiday Christmas Tree ( free)
Fallings stars holder : [Cb] at On9 - [Cb] Falling Stars Holder (free)
Tray: Aphrodite On9 - Aphrodite - Chocolat& Gingerbread Tray (free)
No Place Like Home sign: 22769 at On9 - 22769 No Place Like Home (free)
Polar bears: Black Bantam at TCF - Polar Bear (Gacha)
Home: Scarlet Creative at The Arcade -  Scarlet Creative Annelise House  Rare (gacha)
Pictures made at Scarlet Creative
Bye bye, Nic

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