Sunday, December 25, 2016


Love.. no need to say more.

Nic is wearing a beautiful gown on the first pictures from Dulce Secrets. It is one of the two free gifts under the Christmas tree since 25 december. A bit of an  extra gift (will remain till Jan 6th).  It's such a beauty. It's the Henriette Snow Gown with snow stars on the lace part of the skirt. The gown consists of two pieces: an upper corset and the lower skirt part. With 31 december in mind we need a gown don't we girls?! You will put a spell on him/her when you wear this one.
The jewelry is from Chop Zuey a gift at 2nd Level Event. The tiara with snowflake is from Dionysia Designs. Totally forgot at what event i got this one, due to the fact that we got such a huge amount of gifts these days.. I will add the info later.
Under the gown Nic is wearing the new groupgift shoes from REIGN. Comes with a super hud for many colors for these glitter wedges. See details below. Scroll please.
The blue nails are from a huge box with old VIP gifts from Hello Dave. Amazing so many nail appliers you get for free
Then the second gown.. you need have a choice. We can't wear all the same dress. This is the groupgift gown from TheBeautifulOnes. Also a good one to seduce him. Comes with a hud with 6 colors. The jewelry that i combined with this one is from Lazuri, the gift for everyone.

Gown: Dulce Secrets - Merry Christmas from Dulce Secrets. Henriette snow gown (free)
Jewelry: Chop Zuey at 2nd Level Event - Chop Zuey Gift - A Special Grace Blk Set (free)
Shoes: REIGN -  REIGN.- Holiday Peep Toe Wedges (CHRISTMAS 2016) (free/ but group join fee)
Nails: Hello Dave - Hello Dave - VIP Gifts (free)
Second gown: TheBeautifulOnes - .:TBO:. Chistmas Gift 2016  (free/ group join just 25ld)
Golden necklace: Lazuri - Lazuri Prana Necklace-2  Xmas Edition (free)
From inventory: Tiara -  Dionysia Designs ; hair - little Bones
Pictures made at: Snowy Islands
Bye bye, Nic with special thanks to Laura who always informs me about all.
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