Tuesday, November 8, 2016

up where we belong

Who knows what tomorrow brings...In a world few hearts survive
All I know is the way I feel..When it's real, I keep it alive ....Love lift us up where we belong
The road is long...There are mountains in our way...But we climb a step every day.. with patience and confidence

Butterflies in a cage.. that is not where they belong...they need go up where they belong...
Nic in happy mood again..She is wearing a jacket from monaLISA. I showed such sort of jacket before on the blog. But because of the texture with donuts and cakes i decided to show this one too. Nic has a delicious donut in her hand and she is holding a donut cushion in her other hand. Both from a gacha at The Kawaii Project from sue cream. Because of the sweets Nic is wearing chocolate brown lipstick  with sparkles, as if the sugar from the donut is still on her lips. From another gacha are the collar and the cage with butterflies from Una at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival. When i am in a fantasy  mood again i will show you more from that gacha.
New are Nic's hairs, the new groupgift from Truth. A fatpack with many styles. Group join isn't free.
The bangles are a dollarbie from Urban Cherry at marketplace. Tights again from FA Creations.

Jacket: monaLISA  - -mL- Naja Jacket (Maitreya/2SLink/3Belleza/Jomo) (NEW)
Hair: Truth - TRUTH VIP - November (free/ but group join fee)
Lipstick - LIVIA - LIVIA::Fall Shimmer Lipstick [Nov2016 GG] (free)
Bangles: Urban Cherry - *Urban Cherry* Stella Brecelets (1ld)
Cage: Una at FGC - Una Birdcage (gacha/ NEW)
Collar: Una at FGC - Una Collar Afrika (gacha/NEW)
Donuts: sue cream. at TKP (oct 20th - nov15th)- sue cream. sugar donu CushionA and sugar donutA3(gacha/NEW)
Pose last picture: Le Poppycock at TCF - Le Poppycock Empty bones ( NEW)
From inventory: skirt- B&B; Tights - FA Creations; Boots - Essenz ( other boots in grey groupgift out in the mainshop); butterflies - Persefona; earring/ septum ring - mandala ( free/info see here); top - Blueberry
Pictures taken at : Saint Pete City 

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