Thursday, November 3, 2016

search the bright side of life

Nic created her bright side of life place under the sun with the new groupgift present from AXL Pro.
The group join is expensive. The designer sometimes has free group join. But for now you need pay, but you won't regret because you often get super presents. This is the AXL pro's Karma Lake Cuddle Campfire Deluxe. You can rezz it with a rezzer but after that you can use parts of it. For example the chairs, surfboards,  the cool box with drinks, the tree, plants, the camp fire etc. Very useful items. On one of the chair you see the Book Nook Snack Tray ~paint from Adorable Strange Wares. Click the cup and the macarons and you get them. Nic's hair i found at the Geek's 'n' Nerds event as a gift ( full color pack). The shoes are from the lucky board at Like Design. The dress is from the Boho Culture Fair as well as the earrings. Such a dress with fringe i always wanted. Saw them often,  but never free. And this one is just 1ld.

Dress: MONOMANIA at TBCF - MONOMANIA - Bright Side - Life (1ld)
Hair: Love [Sugar] at Geek's 'n'Nerds - Love [Sugar] all colors (free)
Earrings: Euphorie - Euphorie Boho Culture Fair Gift esmee earrings ( free)
Shoes: .: LIKE DESIGN :. - .: LIKE DESIGN :. Simply Elegant (free/ LB)

Decor items: AXL Pro - AXL pro box - Karma Lake Cuddle Campfire Deluxe ( free/gg/ but group join fee)
Tray: ~ASW~ at TBCF~ASW~ The Book Nook Snack Tray ~paint (free)
Bye bye, Nic

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