Saturday, November 12, 2016

back to black (remember 13 november, 2015 Paris)

No not the songtext from Amy Winehous..back to black. But back to black because i am worried about what will happen in the world after the elections in the USA. And i am thinking back about Paris 13th of november last year. Behind Nic is the Pray for Paris candle from Kalopsia, released at that time..
The blogpost has also the name back to black because Nic is showing you again some black dresses, like i did some time before. Both dresses have color huds  so all sorts of colors possible. Another color will give the dresses a totally other look. The dress on the first picture is a new release at *ZD*. The other dress is a gift at [MODA], because of many likes at facebook. Two pairs of new shoes is Nic showing you. The leather heels are the second facebook gift at [Moda]. The zebra wedges  are the subscribe-o-matic gift at HucciThe necklace is a gift at Indyra as well as the cutch. You can find three gifts in the Indyra shop. The scarf with jewelry is from Ben's Beauty, a new gift, with color hud.
As decoration you can see the Stone planters - winter- from Shutter Field. It's the new groupgift. You can find these outside the shop. But don't forget to go inside too. Relatively new is a groupgift with two barrels with flowers.

Dress first picture: *ZD* - *ZD* Lia Mesh Dress (NEW)
Dress last picture: [MODA] -[MODA] BECAH DRESS & HUD (FB 3500 LIKES GIFT)(free)
Leather heels: [MODA] - [MODA] DANITY LEATHER HEELS & HUD (FB GIFT #2) (free)
Booties: Hucci - ::HH:: Hucci Yalta Boot - Gift (SOM/ free)
Scarf necklace: Bens Beauty - Bens Beauty - Harmony Necklace - Hud Driven (free/gg)
Necklace: {Indyra} - {Indyra} Gift 2 of 3 - PreFall 2016 (free)
Clutch: {Indyra} - 2016{Indyra} Gift 3 of 3 - PreFall 2016
Stone planters: Shutter Field - [sf] stone planters - winter - boxed - (free/ group join 20ld/ more gifts in the shop)
From inventory: Hair - truth; French Bulldog - Alchemy; sun light - [Circa]
Pictures made in the Indyra shop
Bye bye, Nic

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