Thursday, November 17, 2016

Amsterdam coffee & weed shop

Hello all i had busy days in rl.. so a few days no blogpost.. but it's time to relax now. Nic is relaxing in the coffee & weed shop in Amsterdam. The coffee & weed shop is a new release from Industry 7 for the new round of 6 Republic Event ( open since 6 nov till 20 nov 2016) A decor experience brought to you by We Decorate SL (With Passion). Theme is Amsterdam Vs Australia this time. On several picture you can see parts of the shop. Below a broad view. Forgot to take  pictures from the height of the building. But the details are cool isn't it ? Tables, chairs, cannisters, pour over station, counter, full rope gate, gate pole, menu, espresso&joints etc all is so well made.  The purple leather ottoman and the oil lamp aren't from Industry 7. Those are presents at the Vintage Gacha Fair. The weed plants, the weed bags and the potted small weed plants are from 7mad;Ravens ( showed it before on the blog here)
Nic is wearing a warm knitted cardigan with shirt and collar from ::K::. was from the october round from Shiny Shabby, but sure will be sold at the main shop now or soon. Busy times in rl made that i am too late to inform you in time. The cardigan is unisex. Nic is wearing a green scarf from Bens Beauty a groupgift. The wide trousers are from the Vintage Gacha Fair, a present. Boots from ROC ( showed here too earlier). Hair from Mina , a gift at Hairology. Mina hair always good.

Hair: Mina  at Hairology- Mina Hair Nell02 ( free)
Trousers: whatz at TVGF (ends 20 october) - part of Whatz cookie black & bordeaux 01(free)
Cardigan: ::K:: - ::K:: Cable Knit CD Femme Ivory ( NEW)
Scarf: Bens Beauty - Bens Beauty - Hulya Scarf - Hud Driven (free)
From inventory: boots - ROC

Coffee & Weed shop; Industry7 at 6 Republic  - INDUSTRY 7 6 Republic (NEW)
Leather ottoman - LaCrime dell'animaat TVGF -  Leather Set - 5 Colors (free)
Oil lamp: at TVGF - *Atomic Faery* - *Atomic Faery* Ancient Oil Lamp (free)
From inventory: Plants and potted plants and weed bags- 7mad;Ravens
Buy buy Nic
Pictures made at Soap
Click small picture to see full size.

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