Monday, November 21, 2016

je t'aime

Je t'aime, je t'aime...Comme un fou, comme un soldat..Comme une star de cinéma
Je t'aime, je t'aime..Comme un loup, comme un roi..Comme un homme que je ne suis pas..Tu vois, Je t'aime comme ça..oh oui je t'aime.

I love you I love you..Like a mad person, like a soldier..Like a movie star
I love you I love you  ...Like a wolf, like a king..As a man but i am not a man...You see, I love you like this.. oh yes i love you

In another room of the apartment Nic is  watching contemplative out of her window. She is wearing a smexy leather jeacket and a silk or is it also leather dress from H@s a new release. High quality!!! And for that quality not expensive at all. You only can buy it as a set. It has a super color hud. You can change for example all the parts of the jacket.  And i sure will show you the sequin version of this set. That one is also amazing good. Nic's hair is from Beusy, a present at Hairology (Event runs till 30th of this month). The shoes are from a super set from Brii at "Witches wear Prada" 13th - 27th November 2016 ( a gift)
The apartment is decorate with many new furniture items from Serenity Style from the gacha at Shiny Shabby (nov round).You see the bench, book, cabinet, rug, vases in the window sill, decor stool, wall ( RARE) ( not shown..  frames) Some older items from Serenity Style are the round tables the vases on the cabinet and the chair. 

Jacket and dress: H@s - H@S Moonlight Outfit  (Plain+Leather) with good hud (NEW/ very affordable prize for what you get)
Shoes: Brii at Witches wear Prada- part of KALAMELA JOCKEY CLUB STYLE COMPLET OUTFIT ( 1ld)
Hair: Beusy at Hairology - Beusy: RENEGADE HAIR with Ears // Exclusive gift (free)
Bag: Things i Like -  BLACK AND RED BAG (1ld)
Furniture: Serenity Style at Shiny Shabby ( Nov) - Serenity Style-Nostalgia Collection SHINY SHABBY (gacha/NEW)
From inventory: round tables/ vases on cabinet- Serenity Style (Maurisette); Cats Le Poppycock, brazier- Shutter Field, Blue rain boots -The Loft; candles- {what next}
Bye, bye, Nic
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