Monday, November 21, 2016

it's freezing cold.... time for hibernation

Terrible cold. Way too cold for that nice dress from The BeautifulOnes, the new groupgift. Comes with a colorhud with several colors. Group join just 25ld. Better ear the dress with a peacoat from ::K::, a new release at Shiny Shabby ( nov round). Love the winter texture from the hud. You can buy the coat in several colors. The hud is for the sweater. Nic's hair is a groupgift from no.match. Group join is 50ld. Hmm are there still free group join groups ..i ask myself. It's ok this group join but we are still can't have many groups ( we are so limited in this.. please Firestorm can you improve this?) I do need many groups for blogging free items and for sims where i can rezz items etc. And i want stay in groups that have much value for me.
Okay enough of that grumbe grumble. I go ahead with my description and info now. I have more grumble items  about sl but i will talk about that another time.
Nic's bag is a groupgift from Aubrey. The necklace is from Nic's inventory from minimal.

Coat: ::K:: at Shiny Shabby - ::K:: Melton Pea Coat Homme/Femme@Shiny Shabby Nov.(NEW)
Hair: no.match - NO.MATCH_ NO.COMPOMISE ( free/ but group join 50ld)
Dress: The BeautifulOnes - .:TBO:. Sarah dress w/appliers - GIFT ( free/ but groip join 25ld)
Bag: Aubrey - Aubrey // The "Marmont" Bag - FATPACK (Groupgift)(free)

Sledge bed: CJ Creations -  CJ Creations Winter sledge Day bed
From inventory: Boots - Maitreya; cold poses (pic 1 and 2) - KoKoLoReS; bears- Birdy
Pictures made at: Snowy Islands
Bye bye, Nic

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