Saturday, November 12, 2016

they may have guns... but we have flowers

The words at the top of this post were spoken last year by a father trying to reassure his son after the attacks in Paris. It means just about : " don't worry because goodwill will prevail". The interview had 10 million views then. If you don't know the interview or want see it again click  here. Wise words to show how good intention is important to overcome evil. On this day of remembrance flowers  are important.
Nic is surrounded by flowers on the pier. She is making a selfie from herself with her huskie. The pose , the huskie and the selfie stick you can get as a dollarbie at ENIIPose. Nic is wearing a super nice dress ( only for Maitreya) from [[Masoom]] from the Midnight Mania Madness. When you are too late to grab it for free, then you can buy the dress later on for 50ld ( last chance item). I hope the same can be said for the shoes from Empire, also from the Midnight Madness, but i am not sure. Because i am in a French mood  Nic is wearing her Fleur de Lis necklace from !IT! exclusives for this round at Twe12ve. The macaron bag is again a Midnight Madness item. 50 or 25ld ( for group member) as last chance.
Important to let you know that the 10th Vintage Gacha Fair is running. With everywhere presents. Nic is showing the orange Fall hortensias from that fair and the scissor earrings. The barrels with plants are a groupgift from Shutter Field.
Nic's lovely hair is a new release at Truth.

Dress: [[ Masoom ]] Piper  dress MM Nov Noon ( free/ last chance 50ld)
Shoes: #EMPIRE from MMM- #EMPIRE - Hyacinth - *MM* metalic black & copper (free/ may be no last chance)
Hair: Truth - TRUTH HAIR Ember -  variety (NEW)
Bag: Lybra for MMM -!:Lybra:! Macaron Bag (free/ and later on last chance 50 or 25ld)
Earrings: {Acios} at Vintage Gacha Fair  - Vintage Gacha gift box [{Acios}] #2 (free)
Necklace: !IT! at Twe12ve  - Twe12ve Nov exclusives (NEW)
Pose with huskie - ENIIPose - ENIIPose Huskie selfie
Other poses: Label Motion - Label Motion Dollarbie hunt ( each pose 1ld/ 20 boxes to find/The hunt finishes on November 13.
Orange Fall Hortensias: Simply Shelby - Vintage Gacha gift box (free)
Barrels with plants: Shutter Field - [sf] barrell planter with flowers - gg - boxed
Pictures taken near the Truth shop
Bye bye, Nic

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