Sunday, November 20, 2016

In the morning

In the morning when the moon is at it's rest... you will see me at the time i love the best.. watching rainbows play on sunlight.. pools of water iced, from cold night.. in the morning.. 't is the morning of my life..Please be patient with your life..It's only morning and you're still to live your day..

Nic again in her new apartment, that she showed you the day before yesterday. All info about the apartment here. Now Nic is in the bedroom in the morning. Don't laugh about her hair. She will be pretty in an hour. First time to relax and laying on the couch, a new release from Mistique. The tray on the ground is a present at the Vintage Gacha Fair. The collar is also a present there. The kimono with the hair and the shoes are in the new groupgift from Yokana. Group join is 100ld. But Christmas time is coming. The Yokana shop has a christmas calendar i hope like in other years for group members. Stay in the group. In her bedroom is her coffee machine too from last weeks FLF. The woodburner i also bought then. No time that weekend to show it immediately, but now i want it on my blog. Most items are in the room from Pixel Mode. But the mirror is from unKindness from Nic's inventory.

Iced Coffee: Imeka - {Imeka} Iced Coffee {Group Gift}(free)
Collar:  [Sweet Kajira]at Vintage Gacha Fair ( 20th last day) -  Petra collar cobre [Sweet Kajira] ( free)
Leather outfit + hair+shoes:  Yokana - YK - Good Morning (Group GifT November 2016) (free/ group joinfee)

From inventory:
Couch: Mistique- Mistique- Couch Aida Brown (NEW)
Tray: Tiar at TVGF(20th last day)- GFY-Gacha Good Holidays Exclusive (free)
Mirror: unKindness - uk - Grandma's Vintage Mirror
Coffee station: {what next} - {what next} Colonna Coffee Station & Decor (past FLF)
Woodburner:  LISP -  LISP - Woodburner Red ( past FLF)
Apartment: Pixel Mode at 6 Republic- Pixel mode Apartment de Pijp
From inventory:

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