Wednesday, November 23, 2016


Longing..They can't reach each other...
Nic in a beautiful corset dress from UNA. I thought i was too late with this blogpost, but just discovered the We<3 roleplay event is still running. Pfff. This dress from Una you can buy there. This is the pink version. Sexy and elegant. Nic is using  an old groupgift hair from little.bones. named Queen. I think free for all. The shoes are from Apple May Designs from the last Midnight Madness event. Decor items from [Circa], {whats next} and apple fall.

Dress : UNA at we<3 roleplay - UNA Irika Pink (NEW)
Hair: little.bones - little bones. Queen - GIFT (free)
Shoes: Apple May  Designs - (AMD) Vidica Heels ( old MM gift)

[CIRCA] - "Palace Garden"classic bench at The Old Fair (NEW)
{whats next} - heater ( GG)- , rocking chair, fire with can, candles
Apple fall:  row of oil lamps, gingerbread cookie, floor sack padded crate, jasmin scented candle
{anc} - dogs
Simply Shelby - Hortensia
Pictures made at: Yasminia
Bye bye, Nic

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