Saturday, February 27, 2016

the water was too deep

The water was too deep and they couldn't reach each other. This is from a sad story from the Middle Ages about two king children who loved each other and couldn't reach each other because the water from the river was too deep. He drowned in the river and she committed suicide after that.
The unreachable love theme is used in many well-known stories. Tristan and Isolde. Romeo and Juliet.

Although Nic on her boat looks a bit sad.. she isn't. The water, the sun and the beautiful place where she is gives her a summer feeling and all will be well, she believes.
Summer feeling is already in this outfit from Wicked. This you can get when  the Rave Gurl Hunt starts at 1 March. Ends 31 March.  The set is for Maitreya, Belezza ( Isis, venus and Freya) and the classic avatar, Slink Hourglass and Slink Physique. Nic wears the set with flats from The Beautiful Ones. You get the flats with a hud for more colors. The nails are a gift at The 1st Anniversary from The Creators Collection Box . This is the gift from Silvery K.  The ring is a gift from :::Breath::: at CCB. The earrings and necklace  with the balls are from ~Ss~ as well as the bag. I think the designer forgot to attach a part of the necklace, so i attached the necklace to the ribbon choker from KC*M.

In South China i saw the Xiuque. In ancient times, Xiuqiu was used to symbolize love. As such, if a girl handmade an embroidery ball and gave it to a boy - it meant that she had given her heart to him, such sweet gesture. If a girl was in seek of a fated life partner, she would toss the ball high where a bunch of boys were. The boy who caught the Xiuqiu would become the husband to-be.
The necklace with balls fit the love theme of this post. Below i show such a Xiuqiu.
Outfit: Wicked - WICKED * Rave Gurl Hunt PRIZE
Flats: TBO - .:TBO:. Fay wrapped flats (NEW)
Earrings and necklace with ball and bag: ~Ss~ at CCB - ~Ss~Temari accessories and Japanese cloth bag (free)
Ribbon choker: KC*M at BBC - CCB 1st Anniversary GIFT - Kyoko Couture-(free)
Ring::::Breath::: at CCB - CCB 1st Anniversary GIFT -:::Breath::: (free)
Nails: Silvery K at CCB - CCB 1st Anniversary GIFT - *:..Silvery K..:* -(free)
From inventory: Hair - D!va
Pictures taken at: AXL Pro
Bye bye, Nic

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