Saturday, February 20, 2016

sunny times are coming...

This sunny sixties set is from La Gazza Ladra for the new round of On9. I am totally back in the sixties with this set. So i took all psychedelic colors. I made some more pictures with other colors. You can see there are also plain versions. The purple hat is from Xen's hats for EVA. The EVA event is held from febr 11th - febr. 21 2016. I see more good shops now at EVA. For example from Ashmoot a nice new set for males. So keep in touch. The environment is Nic's new garden at the sea. love to relax there.
The red hat is at The Instruments
Oh and under the hat Nic wears the last groupgift from Truth.You get a full pack.
May be you ask yourself why does she wear so often her  H@s shoes. It is because of the good quality and the multicolor hud. You can change the shoes in exactly the color that you want to fit your outfit.
The blue shoes are free at Mirus ( find them in pink in the shop a little box between the vendors). They have a color hud. Very good quality. The last picture i made at the sim from AXL pro. i  repeat it ( told it also yesterday evening): The group join is 4 days free. The Midnight Mania (for group members) contains a beautiful home. So join and help click. And often nice groupgifts. Thanks to Sahra who told me.

Outfit: La Gazza Ladra for On9 - LGL ~ La Gazza Ladra my sweet sixteen ( blue floral) (NEW)
Purple Hat and the royal blue hat ( and more ofcourse) : Xen's Hats for EVA -Xen's Hats Ode to Coco (NEW)
Red Hat: Xen's Hats at The instruments - Xen's hats Ode to Coco (NEW)
Shoes: H@s -H@S Yummy Pumps Leather Multicolor
Open toe shoes: Mirus - *MIRUS* My Bloody Heels Maitreya Slink TMP(free)
Hair: Truth - TRUTH New Release & Group Gift 6 Feb 2016 (new/free )
The cushion was ( may be still is) in a present from Apple Fall.
Bye bye, Nic (the mushroom for Laura)

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