Wednesday, February 10, 2016

meet a happy woman

Many reasons to be happy. One of them is my new computer which will make my sl life much easier.
All goes fast now:  teleports,  lesser crashes like in the last days, i can be online easily with two avatars. Making blogposts  is much easier when i need not wait such a long time anymore. I was as happy as a child yesterday when the computer arrived.
Nic is happy with her new sets.
The dotted dress is the new groupgift from Allure. In the allure shop i found more presents. The black boots on the picture with the black dress are upstairs as a gift.
Nic  red shoes are just 30ld at Shey and the bag is a groupgift there ( both come with huds for many colors).
The skirt and asymetrical top  is a groupgift at Braham Design. The black dress is a gift from Hilly Haalan. She had her rl birthday 08-02. Congrats Hilly and thanks for your gift.  Find it in the info and notices of the group.

Dress: [R] Allure - [R] Allure Tristin Cami Dress (M-Red-Polka-Dots) [VIP](free)
Red shoes: Shey - SHEY Pamplona Stilettos (30ld)
Bag: Shey - Shey Constantinopolis Handbags (gg/free)
Skirt and top: Braham Design - Braham Design Red Nova Sweater Mini Skirt Mesh Outfits (free)
Black dress: Hilly Haalan -
From inventory: Hair - Catwa; Brown shoes - Warwick (now Livalle)
Pictures made at: Forever yours 

Bye bye, Nic

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