Friday, February 12, 2016

in the basement ( MENstuff hunt again)

"Do you know how much  i feel for you?"
I did a little hunting again for the Menstuff hunt. The beige jeans from tjip is from that hunt. On my way i found the blouse a gift for the SLFrees&Offer group at. The barrel with flowers is a gift in one of the parts of the same shop.  Nic already had this nice dress from Shey in her inventory, but never showed it, as i remember well. Comes with a hud for many colors.
The dress with flowers is a new release from TBO. With a hud for 21 colors for the dress and 9 for the belt. Tjip wears a pants from a Menstuff gift and a vest with sweater from another MENstuff hunt gift.

Dress with flowers: TBO -.:TBO:: Norah belted dress
Vest with sweater:Hanauma Bay Clothiers - MENstuff Hunt #042 - Hanauma Bay Clothiers (1ld)
Pants: B&T - part of MENstuff Hunt 2016 #043 - B&T Mesh Studio Male (1ld)
From inventory: Hair -[INK]; chucks - Kapone ; glasses -  MEN stuuf hunt(showed before)

Grey dress: Shey - SHEY - Ajao Belted Dress
Jeans: Nevermore  - Nevermore Mens Outfit Eel Skin Jacket & Brown Scored JeansMENstuff hunt(1ld)
Shirt: Ruca Tease - RT DARIO mesh dress shirt 4( for SLFrees&Offers gift (free)
Flower barrel: RT - RT BARRELL OF FLOWERS GIFT (free)
From inventory: Hair -Chemistry; Boots - ISON

Pictures made at: Hollandaise
Bye bye, Nic

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