Monday, February 29, 2016

a made a heart for you on the fogged mirror

Get ready for the day.
I decorated my bathroom in the AXL Pro House, that i recently got from the Midnight Mania, with bathroom accessories from AXL Pro and some accessories from the Creators Collection Box. The CCB accessories are the 2 pink bottles  and the hanging light bulbs on the fourth picture. The cats with daggers i also got there.
Nic wears her non mesh body because i wanted show you her lingerie from A&J Creation.The set is free but it has no appliers for the mesh body. But as Laura said "it can also be useful".
Ready to go for her working day Nic wears a dress from monaLISA. It is a gift in the inworld monaLISA shop, a gift from the Teleporthud group ( group join 10ld.)  Nic wears a choker from the CCB. The boots are may be well-know to you. Saw them on other blogs already much earlier.But it is a must have in combination with this dress, i think. The gift is still in the *agp* shop. Nic's bag is an oldie from her inventory.
An old gift  is also the cluttered chair. I went back to the shop and saw many super groupgifts there. See below. A vase with flowers at JoHaDeZ you can also see when  you scroll.

Lingerie: A&J Creation - caja-LINGERIE HEIDI CADET BLUE A&J Creation (free)
Dress: monaLISA - -mL- Nevada Dress GIFT (Maitreya/Venus/Physique/Fitmesh) (free/ 10ld group join)
Boots: agapee - agapee Group Gift / Lily boots tartan (free)
Choker: DDD at CCB - CCB 1st Anniversary GIFT - DownDownDown
Cat with dagger:+HILU+  at CCB - CCB 1st Anniversary GIFT -+HILU+ (free)
Light bulbs:  Air at CCB- Air_Light_Anniversary gift for CCB_Light_CM* (free)
Pink bottles:[Soul Mates} at CCB - [Soul Mates] Sakura Sake Dama (free)
Bathroom chair: Shutter Field - sf cluttered bathroom chair (old gift/ but see below the groupgifts that are still there)(now 25ld in the new shop!)
All the other accessories are from AXL Pro.Thanks to slash Hansome!!! ( you can find them on marketplace)

Shutter Field groupgifts. In the new shop now!!
and a gift from JoHaDeZ

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