Friday, February 19, 2016

best rats in town

Some hunt items from the MENstuff hunt again ( running till 29  february). Tjips shows a hoodie from Roughnecks Biker Clothing Accessories. The tee is a groupgift in that shop. The scarf is a MENstuff hunt present from 7mad;Ravens. Tjip and Nic stand near the car from Yasum. The car is still there ( i thought it was there for 2 days/ see an earlier post). The leather jacket  and the t shirt ( not a one piece) i got yesterday for 2ld at the Kingbal Store. I went back there but now all are 99ld. Such a pity. I realy regret this for you. The prize is now 99ld. You get it with a jeans. Nic wears another pants. So still affordable.

Tjip wears:
Scarf: 7mad;Ravens - Bitter cold scarf Say what?MENstuff hunt (free)
Hoodie: Rougnecks  Biker Clothes Accessories-  RN MENstuff Hunt 2016 Hoodie (free)
T-shirt: Roughnecks Biker Clothes Accessories - RN Group Gift Bag Mens (free)
From inventory: chucks - Kapone; jeans- Paul Polo; hair - EMO-tions; glasses - Native Urban( MENstuFf hunt /free)
Car: Yasum - Yasum*50 000 GroupMembers*GIFT* Thanks for 8 stunning YEARS !!(free)
Nic wears:
Jacket and top: Kingbal stores -195 KS OUTFIT LORETA JACKET&TOP&LEATHER PANTS BACK
Shoes: H@s - Yummy - H@S Yummy Pumps Leather Multicolor
Pants: Marianela's - Marianela's GRETA OUTFIT (free)
From  inventory: Hair - Truth; bag- Rowne- see earlier post; some poses - Label Motion; necklace - Mandala
Pictures made at: Soap
Bye bye Nic

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