Monday, February 8, 2016

Brook Hill rosy morning ( Vintage Valentine Hunt again)

The romantic vintage bench with table i placed in Brook Hill near the waterside. Good spot for watching boats and a romantic moment. On the table chocolates and a rose. The set is from the Vintage Valentine hunt. Nic wears also a ring from the same hunt. The warm clothes are a new release from La Gazza Ladra. A lovely leather skirt ( suede) and a striped sweater and scarf. Named All Time Faves( i tottaly agree with that name for this set). It is a regular release at the main store.You can get the set in several colors.
I wear the boots from Essenz. They where in the Midnight Madness. I told about it in the post before this one. I missed that gift. And because i wanted them so badly, i bought them. The midnight madness ones where in cognac, but this color is perfect.
On the last picture Nic wears again clothes from La Gazza Ladra, a release at The Collectors ( until 12th february!). I combined it with a necklace and boots from the Vintage Valentine Hunt. Behind Nic on the boat is an ottoman ( with poses),  again a present from that hunt.

Scarf: La Gazza Ladra - ~LGL~ All Time Faves . Scarf (Black)(NEW)
Skirt: La Gazza Ladra - ~LGL~ All Time Faves . Skirt (Cognac)(NEW)
Jumper: La Gazza Ladra - ~LGL~ All Time Faves . Striped jumper (NEW)
Bench: LEP - LEP ~ Vintage Valentine Bench & Table Boxed (1ld/ tip: see the well)
Ring: Gdit -Pulp *~MMG's~* darkbrown Majestic Caramel (1ld)
Chino:La Gazza Ladra at The Collectors (until february 12th!) ~LGL~ Golden Rule (Rose) Metallic Chinos (NEW)
Sweater: La Gazza Ladra at The Collectors (until febr 12Th !!)~LGL~ Golden Rule (Black) Wrapped blouse (NEW)
Necklace:!IT! - !IT! - Two Hearts Necklace (1ld/ hint upstairs follow the hunt path)
Boots: Lindy Modern and Retro - Lindy Casey Redder VVH ( hint: follow the hunt path)(1ld)
Pictures made at Brook Hill

Bye bye, Nic

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