Friday, February 26, 2016

every fashion girl's favorite comfy shoe

Inspired by the look from Victoria Beckham Nic wears her comfy sneakers. And on the first picture a long sweater with high turtleneck chin collar like Victoria weared ( portraited below). Oh, how times have changed. Now Victoria has wholeheartedly embraced the flat shoe. She's so into the style that she's taken to wearing sneakers.
Nic wears sneakers from Shey. I found them in the info and notices of the sheyholic group. This group has 150 ld fee to join. The gift is a gift for Valentine. You get 16 shoes with 42 texture included are these sneakers .You can change the color of 3 parts of the sneakers.
The grey long collar sweater is a gift at Shiny Shabby.
The 2 color knitted sweater is a release from La Gazza Ladra at 20Twenty. 20 designers 20 days. Find there items in the main shop. You can get the sweater in 4 colors.

Sneakers: Shey - Shey Valentine Group Gift with Fee 2016 ( groupgift)
Grey sweater: American Beauty at SS -American Beauty-Turtle Chin Knit Dress Dark Grey
Two 2 colors sweater: La Gazza Ladra for 20Twenty - LGL ~ Grand Canyon (bicolor) (20Twenty Feb. 2016)
From inventory: Blond hair - LC; Brown hair - Eaters Coma, bag- Shey, black jeans - ZD; blue jeans - Coco ( at SS); necklace MG
Pictures made at: AXL Pro
Bye bye, Nic

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