Tuesday, February 9, 2016

he won't heart me.

Watch that sweet kitten in her top. So cute. Its is the new released top and skirt from !gO!. Gocha Merlin always surprises us with very original designs.  One of the new released sets is 50% for the first weeks. It is the blue one. Nic also wears relatively new hair from Argrace. Also that designer is in my opnion very good. From inventory an old groupgift from Coco but still very good.

Hair: *ARGRACE* - *ARGRACE* MOMIJI - Blacks ( relatively new)
Skirt:!gO! Kitty skirt - turquoise ( NEW/ PROMO - one of the outfit ist 50% off )
Top: !gO! -!gO! Kitty top - turquoise (NEW/ PROMO - one of the outfit ist 50% off/ the blue one )
From inventory: Tights - B!asta; Boots - COCO (free)
Bye bye, Nic

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