Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Paris est toujour en évolution

Quand au hasard des jours...Je m'en vais faire un tour..A mon ancienne adresse..Je ne reconnais plus
Ni les murs, ni les rues..Qui ont vu ma jeunesse..En haut d'un escalier..Je cherche l'atelier
Dont plus rien ne subsiste..Dans son nouveau décor..Montmartre semble triste et les lilas sont morts

When on a random day..I go for a walk..To my old address..I no longer recognize
Neither the walls, nor the streets..That witnessed my youth...At the top of a stairway,..I look for the studio
Of which nothing remains...In its new setting,..Montmartre seems sad and the lilacs are dead.

As is said  the song from Charles Aznavour ..La bohème... Paris always is different then before. In old times and new times. L' évolution.  Paris récupère toujours !

Nic in a Paris.  She wears nice clothes from Ricielli and monaLISA. From monaLISA is the beautiful black suit. Loooove it. The grey blouse , the nude dress, the shoes are all in the christmas hunt from Ricielli. All items 15ld. Except for the blouse all comes in more colors. 
Nic shows hair from !Oleander on the last pictures. This was from the FLF. But it is also a group gift ( but  group join fee). The hair on the first pictures is a gift at ::Phoenix:: a fatpack.
The bag is in a gift from Pixel Box.

Blouse: Ricielli - Riciell - CHRISTMAS HUNT 2015 IITEM #1 (15ld)
Dress: Ricielli - Riciell - CHRISTMAS HUNT 2015 IITEM #5 (15ld)
Shoes with open toe: Ricielli -  #06Riciell - CHRISTMAS HUNT 2015 IITEM #06 (15ld)
Shoes with straps: Ricielli - Riciell - CHRISTMAS HUNT 2015 IITEM #10 (15ld)
Suit: monaLISA - -mL- Kaja Suit HUD (comes with a hud with10colors) 
Hair first pictures: ::Phoenix:: - :::Phoenix::: Hair Xmas Gift (free/ group join 50ld)
Hair on last pictures: !Oleander - !Oleander ~ Halverson. Natural Tones (GG/free/but group join 150ld)
Bag: PIXEL BOX - PIXEL BOX - Dark Crow Gothic Accessories (free)
From inventory: Bag - Indyra; necklace - *ZD* ( see post before this one). Ring- Maxi Gossamer ( GG/ blogged before)
Pictures made near the Ricielli shop
Bye bye, Nic
Because i liked the blouse  so much another picture to show it more close

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