Saturday, December 19, 2015

our tree

On the corner of the street you can buy Christmas trees. They went there with the dog and choosed one. Tjip wanted the big one. But Nic wanted the one with the lights. He agreed ofcourse and he did get a sweet hug. Yes, you can be jealous boys. The hug is for him. Dragging with the tree made his serious shirt from American Bazaar dirty. So he changed his clothes before he went away to get a christmas bûche de noël for Nic. Good guy he is! The jacket with shirt is from the lucky chair at Ydea. The chairs change often so be fast to get this jacket and  shirt ( with color hud).
Nic wears a sweater/ dress from Rowena's Designs at The Wash cart sale. The boots with studs are also from there. Each just 10ld. The tights are from the Cosmopolitans Sales Room from UC. Funny with all the buttons. The jewelry set is one of the advents gifts from PurpleMoon. Nic's hair is from Magika from the 12 days  of savings on marketplace.
Scroll for the Ydea shirt and a close-up from the boots
Tjip wears:
Shirt and cardigan: American Bazaar - [AB] Serious Shirt December groupgift(free)
Beige jacket with shirt : Ydea - *Ydea* Cruiser Jacket & Shirt beige and many colors with hud(free/ LB)
From Tjips inventory: Pants - Gizza ( from an old groupgift); Buche de Noel ( shop gone)
Nic wears:
Sweater/dress: Rowena's Designs at The Cart Sale - {RS} Aaliyah Dress (10ld)
Boots: Rowena's Designs at The Cart Sale - {RS} Aaliyah Heels High Slink (10ld)
Tights: UC at Cosmopolitans Sales Room  - UC Buttoned tights-Maitreya (NEW)
Hair: Magika  - Magica Drive ( 12 days of Savings sale)
Jewelry: PM  Advent- ::PM:: Venice ( free/ but group join fee)
Bye bye, Nic

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