Monday, December 21, 2015

explosion of presents

close-up glasses below
 close-up doggy below

Christmas color red is traditional. Don't know why, but it is. Nic shows you different dresses, a gown and a casual outfit  from all sorts of events and groupgifts.
The first dress is a groupgift from More Then Ever. Love the asymmetrical skirt part .
The tartan dress from AnaMarkova you can find at On9. On9 is a monthly event. This time with some christmas gifts. Mostly they have one secret item for sale. Many well-know designers participate. I also found the legging there. Comes with a hud for many colors. And the pattern is beautiful. The glasses with sunglass part ( you can open en close them and choose colors) are also a gift at On9. The red wallet is an advents gift from YoKana (blogged before)
Nic's kitty ear hairband and the cute dog are gifts at The Wayward Market.
The other short dress and the high heel booties are  groupgifts from Hilly Haalan.
The jacket with sweater and shirt is the Christmas gift from Gizza ( also in green/unisex)
The gown is a gift from Kaithleen in the christmas tree at the  Cosmopolitan Sales Room. Behind Nic you see wall hanging lights and ground lights from Toro and a Rudolf Cane and a wreath from unKindness from the Wayward Market. The necklace + earrings (hidden under Nic's hair) are a advents gift at Chop Zuey. The hair is from Lamb! under the christmas tree at the Arcade.

First picture:
Winterberry More Than Ever - Winterberry -  Holly Dress GG BOX - More Than Ever (GG/free)
Wallet: YoKana - Yokana wallet advent gift( free/ but group join fee)

Second Picture:
Dress: {AnaMarkova} at On9 - {AnaMarkova} Toyah Sweater Dress Tartan (free)
Leggings: Lybra and Natzuka!! at On9 - Happy Holidays from Lybra and Natzuka!!(free)
Glasses:HAYSURIZA at On9 - HAYSURIZA_Glasses_London Gift(free)

Jacket and sweater: Gizza - Gizza Christmas gift (free)
Teddy cushions: Serenity Style at WWM  - Serenity Style Warm Teddy cushions (free)
Pillow Rudy: Sway's - Sway's Advent gift 2015 17 (free)

Fourth :
Dress: [hh] -[hh] GIFT Bea Dress (GG/free)
High Heel Booties: [hh] -
Dog: {le fil casse}at WWM - {le fil casse} wayward market giftie (free)

Gown Kaithleen's at CSR - Kaithleen's Magna Gown - Lipstick (free)
Necklace: Chop Zuey - Chop Zuey Gift - Tensha Texture Change Necklace & Earrings (free)
Lights : Toro at WWM - Toro. Wallhanging + Lights {Morrocan} for Wayward Hunt (free)
Rudolf Cane and wreath: unKindness at WWM - uk - YarnPuff Wreath& Rudolf Cane (free)
Hair: Lamb at The Arcade - lamb Baby blue (free)
From inventory: hair first picture Truth (ami)(12 days of savings); Second hair -Magika (12 days of savings) Hair third picture - Besom(treasure);  Booties first pictures- Coco (old)

Bye bye, Nic
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