Thursday, December 3, 2015

ice cold ice

We sit and pray together that they might change the weather
My love for you will never die, if I sound distant that's because
You shouldn't see me cry in ice cold ice

The text is a bit sad..and that is how you can feel ofcourse...but i love ice blue and denim colors and the coat from !gO! makes Nic warm. More colors available ofcourse and one of the colors ( Olive) is 50% off  during the first time.!gO! has also advents presents these days for males and females!! You need be a group member. Nic shows you the gift from day 3.
The blue booties are from Wicked from the Let it Snow Hunt. The hunt object is a snowflake. It is a gridwide Hunt for the month december in 125 shops. The warm scarf is from ::K:: a new release for the new round at the mens dept (Unisex). Many colors available. The pisces earrings and the wooden christmas tree with lights are from the lucky boards at SaNaRae. The pillows with hats are the advent gift from Sway for day 3. The sweet ice blue lama is from Birdy from last year, but still cute.
See for some details pictures below.

Coat with skirt: !gO! - !gO! Colette coat - Navy blue (NEW)( one color 50% off first time)
Schoolgirl: !gO! - !gO! School girl ( day 3 female advent gift/ free/group join 50ld)
Scarf: ::K:: at TMD  - ::K:: Ki-Co Cozy Scarf Femme (NEW)
Booties: WICKED * - WICKED * Elsa - Booties (Steel) (1ld)
Pillows: Sway's - Pillows winter hat Sway's Advent Gift 2015 - 03 (free)
Earrings: Cureless at SaNaRae - Cureless [+] Pisces  Gauges (lb/free)
Wooden christmas tree: Fiasco at SaNaRae - Fiasco Christmas Tree Light Marquee (LB/free)
From inventory: Blue jeans- Fa Creations; Brown jeans - Addams; hair - Magika (Meadow)
Pictures made at:Frisland
Bye bye, Nic

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