Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas eve with my cuties

I love animals and that is why Nic is surrounded or guided so much by animals. Today near the reindeer mama with her child  guided by her wooden reindeer family. And with her huskies in the snow , nearly evening  on a winter day. And with foxes on a morning walk in fresh winter temperature. She wears gifts from Hilly Haalan, Below some details. The legging is from B!asta. Shoes, the winter dome in Nic's hands and hair are from a holiday event, Christmas on 34th street.

Dresses: Hilly Haalan- [HH] Sonia top and Skirt, Peggy open back dress, Nina dress (free)
Hair: Analog Dog at 34th street: Analog Dog Hair - enja gift (10ld)
Winter dome: Kalopsia at 34th street - Kalopsia - Gift - Happy Holidays (10ld)
Shoes: Lowen at 34th street - Lowen - Satin Stilettos [White] Slink High (10ld)
Wooden reindeer family: -Hanaya- -Hanaya- Animated Red Nosed Reindeer [mesh] (free)
Huskies: Xin at The Arcade - Xin. husky ( gatcha )
From inventory: tights- B!asta; Foxes - Blackburn;
Pictures made at: Wispering Wind

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