Sunday, December 6, 2015

i got my christmas tree (Clover Town Christmas event)

Here you see Nic with her Christmas tree on her Citroën. I got the tree from Aiko Toki from Aikioto Cars. I saw a nice Chevy with a Christmas tree on it and Christmas presents in it. I hoped it was a groupgift from her group, but no. You can buy that car here.  Because i wrote her about it, she very kindly sended me the Christmas tree as a present. Now i could use it on my own car. Nic's dog is playing with the new bonnets, gifts at Clover Town at Pals Meadow a Christmas event. There are christmas presents under the big tree. However the reindeer went in mischief and made a big mess. So you have to search the presents. Nic's bear earmuffs and the nails (see below) are from the event. On the picture with the close-up from the nails you see a nice vase with illiminate dry branches.
Nic wears a new coat from ::K::. Available in many colors at Fameshed. You can change the color of the collar. The jacket you can use with the inner turtleneck or without. The dog with the lights and reindeer ears is a present at the Kitty Cats advents calendar. The pine cone elf in Nic's arm is from the December groupgift at Zenith. In the gift you will find also a skirt and sweater.

Coat: ::K:: - ::K:: at Fameshed Mouton Boa Coat Femme Oldrose ( NEW)
Earmuffs: ***Ambrosia*** at Clover Town - ***Ambrosia***Ear maff[brown bear] (free)
Pine cone elf: Zenith - part of =Zenith=2015 Dec group gift (free)
Nails: *MGSIT-STORE* at Clover Town - *MGSIT-STORE*Slinknail[MOYA]gs/gift (free)
Bonnets: ++Twilight++ at Clover Town = ++Twilight++ Santa Knit Bonnet and Reindeer Knit Bonnet (free)
Dog:  at Kitty Cats calendar day 4 - Holiday Hound Travel Crate (free)
Vase with Illuminated dry branches - Silvery K - i add later where you can buy the vase.
From inventory: Shoes - H@s; Hair - Magika(Cardigan); swan bag- Shey; jeans- FA Creations
Pictures made at Clover Town
Bye bye, Nic
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