Friday, December 25, 2015

christmas day in the morning

Make-up on the bench. I got this cute make-up set as a Christmas present from Laura Azalee. So sweet. She knew i liked this one. And yesterday in the evening i got it. But see what happened in the morning from Christmas day! Did the cat do this? Nic is not very amused.
In the morning i hurried to all the advent calendars. Didn't want to miss the last gifts. The skirt is the last advent gift from Luziefee. You can find it on the desk. At Baby Monkey you can grab all the presents from under the Christmas tree. The clothes don't have Christmas colors very useful for normal days. Nic wears from Baby Monkey the back buttoned sweater. Comes with a hud with 3 colors: turquoise, brown and gold/yellow). The fur is from Kaithleen's from the Into the Woods hunt. HINT: go to the left in the shop under a tree is the hunt item) Hunt item is a small dark bottle. Nic's hair is a gift from little bones. The shoes are from the last gift from Alb Dream Fashions advents calendar. You get a gown and the males a red suit.
Below you see the last advents gift from Yasum. You get a country house, fully decorated. You can use all decorations also separately. I took some decorations outside near the horses. The wreath is a gift at Vespertine. The ladder  with lights is from Silvery K.

Skirt: Luz - LUZ - Advent gift # 4 - 2015
Shoes:ALB -  part of ALB NATALINA gown christ 2015 & heel to slink by AnaLee Balut (free/ but group needed)
Sweater: BM -BM Back Buttoned Sweater Advent
Fur: Kaithleen's - Kaithleen's Fur Boa with Color Hud (Itw hunt (2ld)
Hair: little bones - little bones. Rude - GIFT (free/group join fee)
House: Yasum - Yasum*MESH*Christmas Gift * (free)
From inventory: lights - Silvery K; Wreath- Vespertine ( gift); nail polish set - tres blah
Bye bye, Nic
Thanks Laura!!!


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