Monday, February 2, 2015

what does the fox say ( lineal rise jogging pants MM just this day last chance!!!!)

Some pictures of Nic and Dancer in the swamp. There is a drone hanging over them. The drone helped to find the fox familie. Not for Dancer to shoot them with her cross bow. But to take good care of them.
Dancer wears an orange bomber jacket from the midnight mania board at Lineal Rise Design. Dancers jogging pants arefrom another midnigh mania at Lineal Rise Design. But that board was just for 1 week. BUT BUT BUT. She restarted it for us for 1 day !!!!! Run Girls and muakkk (kisses)  LinealRise. The uggs are from Baby Monkey, a groupgift.
Nic wears a new groupgift from KlubwerK. Her sweater is the new release from Klubwerk (unisex) also with more dirty texts.
Dancer and Nic wear the same hair from D!va. There also is a second version in the box. But we both preferred this one. You get a fatpack. Nic attached the long mesh attachment  from another hair from D!va.
The 2 big foxes female and male i got at a  free at market last weekend from Living Vintage, sorry that market is over. But may be you can try in the shop. The littles foxes and the fox  on the arm we got at marketplace from Blackburns. Nic's boots are also from Blackburns as well as the drone and the crossbow from Dancer.

Clothes from Dancer:
Jacket: LRD - Women's Padded Jacket (free)
Hair: D!va - ""D!va"" Hair "Bambi" (Onyx)(free)
Uggs: Baby Monkey - Baby Monky Uggs ( groupgift) (free)
Jogging pants: LRD - LRD Jogging pants (free)
Clothes from Nic:
Sweater: Klubwerk - KlubWerK.him -Hoodie/Greg- selfie (NEW)
Pants: KlubWerk - GIFT--- KlubWerK.him & .her -Jeans/Brian- Army (free)
Hair: D!va - ""D!va"" Hair "Bambi" (Black amber) (free)
Boots: Blackburns - Blackburns military mesh boots (50ld)

Small foxes and fox on arm: Blackburns What Does the Fox Say Outfit Fun Kit (free)
Crossbow: Blackburns - Blackburns Zombie Hunter Mesh Crossbow Set ( 29ld)
Drone: Blackburns - Blackburns UAV Drone Avatar Spy vs Spy (free)
Pictures made at: Dimrill Dale and Gulf of Lune
To show you what i nice day we had more pictures below. Click pictures to enlarge
Bye bye, Nic

 Bye bye, Nic

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