Sunday, February 15, 2015

spring is in the air

Flowers grow ....we came through the snow...i can feel the sun..warming up my skin.
For a spring mood this top from B!asta is thumbs up. And when you go to the shop you also can buy very sweet shorts exactly in the same style. Then you have a prefect combi for the summer.  I also love these shoes from B!asta. So delicate. Click the pictures to enlarge so that you can see what i mean. Below  pictures from another lovely top, that i found at my hunting round from today. It is a groupgift from even.flow. A shirt with tiny hearts and studds.
And watch the new release from ANE, the bony heart necklace. From my hunt round you see the bag from Leri Miles Design, the verdigris heart necklace from Ecru, the mouth tattoo His from Twisted Barbie and the watch with bracelet from Le Form. I saw in the Le Form shop also a nice heart necklace in gold as groupgift.
And Nic wears the rolled up version of the super jeans from Addams.

Top: B!asta - [B!] :ANGEL NEXT DOOR: Sand . Crochet Top
Shoes: Biasta - [B!] :KATIE: Heels . Chocolate . for SLink High
Jeans: Addams - Addams // Worn Out Jeans
Top with studs - even.flow -even.flow - Group Gift: Casual Tee "Tiny Hearts" (free)
Necklace: ANE for Kustom9 - ANE Bony Heart Necklace (NEW)
Lip tattoo: [Twisted Barbie.] Jill Hunt gift ( free) for male a her lip tattoo for 5ld in the shop
Necklace: Ecru - E C R U: "Verdigris Heart" Necklace.(free)
Watch and bracelet: Le Form - [LF] Royals Watch n Bracelet JJHUNT GIFT (free)
Bag: LMD - LMD JOJ 4.0 Gift also a scarf included ( free)
From inventory: Hair - Analog Dog

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