Friday, February 13, 2015

midnight tears... love hurts

Love hurts. Some fools think of happiness, blisfulness, togetherness....
Today the pain side of love because it is 13th of friday ( unlucky day in my country for the ones who are supersticious). Tomorrow the happy side of Valentines day. Then i will show you two gowns. Now Nic is laying in pain on her bed. She wears at the first picture the Valentines gift from Paisley Daisy. You can also get the dress in another color (dark shimmer/ free no group needed). Cut out my heart is the name of the dress... matches the theme.The black dress with pink hearts is from Paris Fashion. It comes with a fur. That fur i will show you tomorrow, when Nic's pain is over.

Red dress: Paisley Daisy - Paisley Daisy - Cut out my Heart Dark Shimmer Red dress ( free/ but group join fee)
Black dress: Paris Fashion -PARIS FASHION  DRAPED CUPIDON DRESS (free)
Necklace: MG - MG - Necklace - Midnight Tears - GROUP GIFT
Hair: Little Bones -little bones. Sweetheart - Blondes
From inventory ; tattoo: Brii;
Pictures made at: Sarawak
Bye bye, Nic

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