Monday, February 16, 2015

little dream ...hideaway with me some more.

You're just another day that keeps me breathing...hide away with me some more.
Tjip shows again some Jack or Jill hunt presents.
The bag hanging on his shoulder is the box from the bracelet from SwaggedOut and the backpack with the board is the box from the Inhale present for the Jack or Jill Hunt

Shoes: Duh! - ::Duh!:: Mesh Running Shoes - Grey (free)
Sweater: V-Spot -V-Spot // Jack's Knit (free)
Hair: Mina  at TCF - MINA - Mark - Black
Tattoo: PMS  - PMS - Dark Days Tattoo (free)
Bracelet: SwaggedOut -SwaggedOut - SwagBag - Bolted Bracelet
Piercings: !nfinity - !NFINITY Twin Piercing (free)
From inventory: Jeans- Rispetto Design
Pictures made at: Little Dream

Bye bye, Nic

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