Wednesday, February 11, 2015

going up the country

Now baby pack your leavin'trunk. You know we got to leave today....
Never thought we would make a photoshoot together but we happened to be online at the good moment. And it was fun to combine all. I felt like a movie producer busy explaining where to stand what to do to Dancer and Anda, my sweet helpers this afternoon. We wear colors that match good together.  Dancer wears a poncho and jeans from Gaall at the hipster Fair (until 15 febr) . The shoes are from Nayu. You also get a skirt and jacket. very beautiful!
I sended Dancer to le Poppycock for the pose with the open suitcase with love letters and she went to the pose shop for the Jack Or Jill hunt present. She uses  the ladies days out poses, that are in the box. I learned her to rezz the poses , then unlink  and then drag the pose from the poseball in her inventory. Now she could use the poses in this place. Nic wears heart balloons ( comes with poses /but not shown) from LNS. Nic's  dress is a present from Sassy at The With Love Fair. Because of the snow she wears again her fur stole( shown before)
The backpacks from Dancer and Nic are from The J or J Hunt.
Anda wears a suit from Lineal Rise Design, from the Misnight Mania board. His hair is a gift at INK.

And ooooh Dancer now we know you have a lover!!! Because love letters in your luggage hey!

Nic wears:
Dress: Sassy! at WLF - With Love Fair 2015 - Gift Box (Sassy!)(free)
Pink clutch: Purple moon at WLF - With Love Fair 2015 - Gift Box (PurpleMoon)(free)
Heart balloon: [LNS Design] - [LNS Design] Heart Balloon (free)
Hair: *Soonsiki! - *Soonsiki! Glamour Doll FATPACK. (free)
Backpack: F.A.D. - JOJ #07  F.A.D.
Poses: the pose shop - the pose shop. // ladies day out // JOJ hunt(free)
Pose with open suitcase: Le Poppycock - CAH #15 Le Poppycock (5ld)
Lipgloss: Mock - [mock] L'eau Castro Gloss (2 Lip Sizes) wearable tester  (free)
From inventory: hat- Xen's Hats ( recolored this hat); boots- Shey;  fur stole - T.Whore

Anda wears:
Suit: LRD - LRD mens suit frank ( free)
Hair: Ink - [Ink] Hair _ Uros ( black) (free)

Dancer wears:
Poncho with legging: Gaall at Hipster Fair 2 - Ponch + jeans ( 1ld)
Boots: Nayu - part of {NaYu} Design - Marsala PROMO 2015 (free/ but group join fee)
Hair: Elua - Elua - Beth ( free)
Earrings *N@N@* -  *N@N@* Kassie group gift earrings (free)
Pictures made at: Cantrip de Savor,  Bye bye, Nic
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