Tuesday, February 10, 2015

take the long way home

Don't leave me now...
Nic wears a nice sweater with jeans blouse from E-clipse at The Designers Circle. Although my inventory is overloaded.. i had to have this one. May be you should wear this with a jeans, but when i was dressing Nic by accident weared these stockings and liked it like this. Another good item is the coat from Tjip. I like the ways it is cut. The model is excellent. The coat comes with the sweater. It is the Jack or Jill  Hunt item from Bravura Homme. With this modern coat Tjip needed new hair. My eye fell on this new hair from Monso at The Mens Dept.

Sweater  and shirt Nic: E-Clipse  at Designers Circle - E-Clipse Sarah  Black
Coat with sweater tjip: Bravura Homme - JOJ #04  BRAVURA! Homme (free)
Hair Tjip: [monso] at TMD - [monso] My Hair - Matthew /Black Brown ( NEW)
From inventory: Niç  hair - EMO-tions ( Susan); Boots- Shey; Shoes tjip - Gabriel ( free)
Pictures made at: Sarawak 

Bye bye, Nic

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