Tuesday, December 9, 2014

there is nothing better then a friend

Drama queen or realy sick? Too much cookies and cakes? Dancer came to support Nic. Wanted to read some books with her. But it seems as if the drama play just increased. Dancer thinks Nic is being a little silly, but she plays along just to be nice. There is nothing better then a  friend isn't it?
Many items to show you . Nic wears pijama's from American Bazaar, the last groupgift. The thermometer is from marketplace as well as the  blue nails with snow. Around Nic are several items from The Christmas Cookie Hunt. On the left side on the first picture is a red self baking sheet of Christmas sprinkle sugar cookies. Click on them and a menu pops up. You can choose a baking time and you will see the cookies become brown.
Dancer shows you the new groupgift from Ghee, the long cozy cardigan with the top.The pants are from the Midnight mania board from Lineal Rise designs. Dancer hair is a groupgift from little bones.
The necklace has a menu for 6 bow colors.

On Dancer:
Cardigan and top: Ghee - ghee VIP GIFT Striped Knit Cardigan Coat & Tank (free/ group join fee)
Poses w books:Dyer Maker -  Back To School Gift Dyer Maker - Fashion & Couple Poses (GG/free)
Hair: little bones - little bones. Horrowshow (free/ group join fee)
Pants: LMD  - LRD Female's Back off Pants LRD Female MM Board Nov Dec 2014 (free)
Ballerina's: Eleonora gold ballerinas (free)
Necklace: [Fairy Tail] - [Fairy Tail] Antique Pendant-Key (1ld)
Gloves - [1A] - [1A] Salute gloves rose colour Salute gloves from lucky board (items change every time but the gloves are still  in the board)

On Nic:
Pijjama's: American Bazaar - [AB] Men & Women Pyjama Kit (GG/ free)
Puffy slippers: GAALL - Part of GAALL Sweet dreams (Frozzen gift)
Thermometer: Aletta Milena -  something in your mouth ( 39ld)
Nails: BD - BD slink holiday nails (free)

Blue cupcakes goodie basket:Country charm - # TCCH-Hunt Gift - No.41 - Country Charm(free)
Ginger bread house: Chiana Oh - 'The Christmas Cookie Hunt Prize' by Chiana Oh (free)
Sugar cookies set: Lunar -  # TCCH-Hunt Gift - No.31 - Lunar Seasonal Design - (free)
See for hunt hints for The Christmas Cookie hunt here.
From inventory: Hair Nic - EMO-tions; Scarf - S&S; cardigan Nic - COCO
Pictures made at Norderney

It was fun to make this post Dancer!
Bye bye, Nic

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