Friday, December 5, 2014

The Frozzen Fair part 3

Again presents from the Frozzen Fair 2014. Two sets in beige brown.  The first one is a present from Sassy!. The second one is from Sweet Temptations. Behind Nic you see the red doormat. It was the first gift from Sway's from the advent calendar. Also the green jar with candle was one of the gifts. For the presents from the Sway's calendar you need go every day. Other day presents are not available anymore. I can recommend the Sways calender. You need find  hidden Christmas baubles. (ground level only) all over the sim. Touch them and you get a NC with a keyword/password. Go to the Christmas tree at the landingspoint. Touch the box of the day and enter in chat the code.
Oh and  watch behind Nic on the first pictures. The racks with cards are from floorplan. For christmas floorplan has such racks with vintage christmas cards very cute!

Sway lands calendar is here
First set: Sassy! - newport sweater dressTFF- Sassy! - Gifts Box (free)
Secod set: Sweet Temptations - Evolet mesh dress TFF- Sweet Temptations -Gifts Box (free)
Hair first pictures: Pr!tty -  pr!tty - Wendy- .All Color Huds. (free/gg)
Doll face cameo: {Violet Voltaire} -{Violet Voltaire} Doll Face Cameo Necklace: Goth
From inventory: hair last pictures- Milana; elfs - see post before this on); boots -Ison; Peace necklace- Zuri jewelry ( POE hunt)
Pictures made at Cantrip de Savor 

bye bye, Nic

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