Saturday, December 13, 2014

cakes for the christmas time

Tjip and Nic in a cute shop, Laika. I found there the beautiful christmas  Buche de Noel. In the shop are several possibilities. And the prize is like a gatcha prize, But now you can choose what sort you want. Nic made her high tea buffet already with the cookies and cakes. It was show time in the shop. I made pictures of Nic in several outfits. Tjip just shows you the Menstuff hunt prize from Dot-Be. You get also pants and another sweater. But i like this blouse with a jeans from his inventory more. And i did a turtleneck sweater from Coco under it.
Nic shows a beautiful sweater with ribbons on the shoulders from Atomic at Collabor88. You can buy three color sweaters and get a hud for more colors for the ribbons. I am so glad Ivy Graves is designing again. She was always a top designer in sl long time ago.
The second set is from Ricielli. Fhara from Ricielli is rebuilding her shop. In the temporary shop with the old hunt items i saw this fur vest, leather pants,  bag and bracelet. All part of a total avatar with shape and skin for a very affordable prize. The shoes are from a hunt at Ricielli.
The black and white dress is the womenstuff hunt gift from Gizza.

Sweater with ribbons: .Atomic at Collabor88 -.Atomic. {Darling Sweater} Set 1
Fur vest, leather pants watch, sunglasses, bag  (and more not shown)- Ricillie - R.icielli - CINDY Avatar
Hair first pictures: Exile - Exile::West Coast Natural Fusion 2
Black/white dress: Gizza - WOMENstuff Hunt Gift #6 Gizza (free or 1ld)
Pumps: Ricielli -Ricielli - SGOS HUNT ITEM#15 (15ld)
Sweater under fur vest: Ricielli - Ricielli - HALLOWEEN 2013 HUNT / ITEM #15 (15ld)
Buche de Noel: Laika - Laika Buche de Noel (80ld)
Fruit tarte: Laika  - Laika fruits Tarte (50ld)
Christmas goodie basket:Country Charm - # TCCH-Hunt Gift - No.41 - Country Charm (free)
Blouse tjip (and more not shown): Dot-be - Dot-be menstuff 2014 gift (1ld)
Pictures made at the Laika shop 

Bye bye, Nic

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