Tuesday, December 2, 2014

advents calendars

It is the time for advents calendars. A very good one is near the EMO-tions shop. The KittyCatS and Friends calendar. Nic's hair with cap is nr. 2 from the calendar from Damselfly.. Come every day to grab presents from well-known good quality designers. Old days are still available. Nr. 24 is a nice cat!  For a list of many many other advents calenders go here. The nice poncho is part of a new release at Shey. You get it also with a very nice mini skirt. I will show the skirt another time. The super high heels ( balance heels) are from the lucky board at Like Design. You need join the group. Group join is free.

Poncho: Shey - part of SHEY - Emina Poncho Set (NEW)
High Heels: Like Design - .: LIKE DESIGN :. Balance Shoes (free)
Hair + cap: Damselfly at EMO-tions shop ~*Damselfly*~(Brock) UniSex KittyCats Advent (free)
Pictures made near the Like Design shop

Bye bye, Nic

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