Friday, December 5, 2014

The Frozzen Fair ( part 1)

I add this coat from Nic to  my serie of fur coats. It is the  houndstooth coat with a fur collar and fur armparts from Arisaris. Nic wears spectacles form SB. The Minion specs. I recolored them to match the coat, but they are in the colors of the super cute minions.Yellow and blue.
The male is Anda. He is one of my friends from Tirol. He told me he wanted to be a model on my blog. So yesterday evening, when i saw what he weared, i realised it would be a good match with Nic's coat. But today i discovered he weared an old gift from Innuendo. Stupid  me... i didn't ask. And now i remember that i blogged the coat last year. But in the Innuendo shop you can get two  groupgifts and a gift from the  POE  hunt.
Nic's coat is from The Frosen Fair. You also can find white booties there.  I totally got overwhelmed because of all the presents you can get at The Frosen Fair. In the next posts, i will  show some cute findings from that Fair.

Glasses Nic: ~SB~- ~SB~ my Minion Specs (free / i recolored them to match the coat)
Coat Nic: ***Arisaris - ***Arisaris AA17 Houndstooth and Mink Coat (1ld)
Hair Nic: Tukinowaguma at TFF- TFF- Tukinowaguma- Gifts Box (free)
Fedora: Paddy's   - Paddys Pied de Poule fedora with shawl (50ld) or Akeyo - Akeyo houdstooth fedora (50ld) or O&N - Fedora Hats with buckle (prints) 150ld
Anda wears a coat from Innuendo (old gift) but in the shop are two groupgifts. hair Anda -INK (groupgift now in the shop/ was gift for the season story /free)
Pictures made at: Cantrip de Savor
Bye bye, Nic

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