Thursday, December 11, 2014

it's freezing cold Frozzen fair part 5 and menstuff hunt part 1

You can see it on their faces: it is freezing cold. But the sweaters keep their bodies warm. Nic wears a hoodie with cute ears from the Frozzen Fair. Warm like a bear. The hoodie is from the Frozzen Fair. The outfit ( 1 click and you wear all, also shoes) from tjip is from Wilson's from the Menstuff hunt. That hunt is running this month. I hadn't have time to go hunt for tjip yet, But there are good quality items for him in the hunt. Love also the cap with christmas tree with color changing lights, snow, sledge and snowman from that hunt. Search a tiny shirt. For the cap hint:  in the place where you can change clothes.
The red chucks from Nic are from the Frozzen Fair.

Outfit tjip; Wilson's - Menstuff Hunt Gift #42 Wilson's Designs (free)
Cap: PBM - M.E.N.s.t.u.f.f...H.u.n.t...G.i.f.t..#.3.0..PBM Enterprises (free)
Skin tjip: 7 deadly skins - 7 Deadly s{K}ins - December GROUP guys/2014 (free/ but group join fee)

Hoodie Nic:  AUTHENTIC DESIGN - Beary grey peace mesh hoodie TFF- AUTHENTIC DESIGN-gifts box (free)
Red chucks: Petit Mort - Petite Mort- Christmas gift for you!
From inventory: pants - chronokit; hair- Exile(carolyn)
Pictures made at the PBM sim

Bye bye, Nic

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