Monday, December 22, 2014

a bit christmas stress

No no stress in rl but in sl. There is so much to blog about and i also want show it with nice pictures. Hell of a job sometimes. Well i will use what Nic does and where she is and what she wears to tell you about a lot of events.
Nic is standing near the Ploom shop. Gifts appear randomly under the christmas tree. Each gift is a combination of hair and pose. I had no luck untill now.
The rabbits are from the hunt at Inspiration point. You need take the map at the landingspoint and then search rabbits. Not easy to find white rabbits in a snowlandscape! But i managed all. No time to unpack. I expect very good items from Teefy and the Secret Store for example.
The antlers are a christmas gift from Death Row Design. Where should i be without Dancer.She showed them to me.
The wool coat is the christmas gift from FA Creations. Iris...Lady.radical... told about this release. She was excited that i didn´t know it yet. Thanks Iris.
The scarf is a groupgift at Ronsem. I recolored the scarf for my picture.
Snow glasses from NS. I think this is an oldie, but super and still in the shop! And when you join the group you get scarfs in many colors and with many textures.
The skin is the new groupgift from Lara Hurley
The knee socks were from the Frozzen Fair from Kara Baby. Frozzen fair is over, but at Kara Baby you can get other kneesocks and nice nails. See below.
Stress stress, because i saw a good groupgift from Legal Insanity... have to unpack all from a hunt at Ghee.... ohhh and too little time to pick up all from advent calendars as well.... may be i am sometimes a bit late. I hope you want forgive me. Pfff drama queen am i, isn´t it!

Coat: FA Creations - ::FAC:: Teddy Outfit  [XMAS Group Gift  2014] (free)
Skin: Lara Hurley- Lara Hurley Skin - Heidi Milky (group gift) (free)
Socks: KaraBaby- TFF- ~KaraBaby~- Gifts Box (old-free)
Antlers: DRD - antlers - merry xmasssssssssss (free)
Scarf: Ronsem - Ronsem  2014 Christmas Gift  (free)
Glasses : NS - NS:: Xmas Glasses (free)
Nails on picture with rabbit: Ghee - Ghee ) 10colors ghee hunt bauble #6(free but group join fee)
Rabbits:  IP HUNT - The Secret Store - Little Rabbit - Aime & NomNoms and Snow & Mocha (free)
From inventory: hair - Diva boots - Gabriel (free see post before this one)
Pictures made near the Ploom shop

Bye bye, Nic

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