Friday, December 5, 2014

i tell him my secrets The Frozzen Fair part 4

The blue dress with snowflakes is the Frozzen Fair present from Fi's Creations. Nic and her little friend the nutcracker. I found him at the KittyCatZ and Friends advents calendar.  In her hiding place in the snow between the frozen reed, she is telling secrets. The frosted bloom headpiece from OrsiniRed makes Nic a bit like a  lovely little faun. Wearing just the headpieces is the best way to show the beauty of it. The sun is shining and Nic's place in the reed is not too cold. Close your eyes when you don't want see Nic naked. Below i show Nic wearing just the headpiece.
eyes open  she is dressed again

Dress: Fi's Creations - Fi's Creations - FROZEN blue Knit Dress -(free)
Headpiece: OrsiniRed for the Fantasy Room -OrsiniRed Frosted Bloom Headpiece gold (open 5th of the month)
White dress: Bubblez Style - BB - Roman Angel Outfit (POE7) #110 (free)
Nutcracker soldier CONVAIR  +CONVAIR+ KittyCatS Advent - Nutcracker Soldier
From inventory: Hair  pr!tty; cardigan - ::K::

Bye bye, Nic

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