Saturday, April 26, 2014

it's good to be at home sometimes

After many days running around everywhere in sl it is good to be back home and do a photoshoot there. I took from long ago this cute chair from my inventory. I remember how thrilled i was with the spring colors and the nice animations. And although much changed in sl this chair is still perfect. Today Nic shows you a fitted mesh outfit from B!asta.  It is the Grab a B!asta item in the shop and not so expensive. I had troubles with my computer to see the fitted mesh clothes in good order. Couldn't understand why i had troubles because i used the latest versions of my sl viewers. But after trying and trying  i found out  i had to set my graphic settings lower. I tell about it, so you will not get the same troubles. And my wish for rl is now to get a better graphic card. The top on the last pictures is from the lucky board at S@bbia. The boots are a groupgift in the Adjunct shop. The flowers are a gift on marketplace.

Top and skirt: B!asta - [ B! ] :MANDARIN: FitMesh blouse and mesh mini skirt . Indigo (50ld)
Peplum shirt: S@bbia: S@BBiA::Peplum Tunic (Beige) (free)
Boots: Adjunct - Adjunct - Wild Heart Boot - TV Blue (free)
Flower: nani - nani blooming daisies
From inventory: Chair - Tuli (Mon amie friends); Hair Wasabi Pills; necklace Kotolier

Bye bye, Nic

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