Friday, April 11, 2014

will you still love me tomorrow

My post before this one had dark combinations. Now the sweet and flowery and spring combinations. Music from the sixties is what i am thinking about, when i see Nic in these sweet flower outfits. Will you still love me tomorrow is a well-known song from that period, but i love the emotional version from Amy Winehouse years later the most.
Now about the dresses. The first is the new release from QQ Fashion created in fitted Mesh. You need have the latest viewer for sl to see this dress normal. Otherwise you see strange long lines and get a distorted screen. You still need an alfa layer under the dress. But dresses like these fit perfect.
Although i am mostly lazy in downloading the newest viewer, i  did it to show you this dress.
The next dress is a groupgift from Nya's. The yellow dress is from Leri Miles designs for Eden Rising Spring awakens event (till april 21st)
Below you see a mint shirt with black bow. It is a gift from Earth & Sky. The shirt is mesh. You get it with a non mesh skirt. But i combined it with my leather pants from LMD and the waist sweater from Monso.
All headbands are from Xen's Hats.

First dress: QQ Fashion - QQ Fashion - Liz Pink Gift - Fitted Mesh ****(free)
Second dress: *Nya's* - *Nya's* April Group Gift (new)
Third dress: LMD at Eden Rising  - LMD Margo Dress Lilac Floral (new)
Flower headband: Xen's Hats - Xen's Hats Three Daisies band
Pearl headband: Xen's Hats - XH Prue Pearl silver
Mint shirt: Earth&Sky - Part of Bethany dress with bow - mint (free)
From inventory: Hair - *Milk*; Waist shirt - Monso; Pants- LMD; yellow/green bag -pesca (i recolored it); necklace - Dark mouse for Fab free; Lila shoes - LVLE; clutch 1 - Duh; clutch 2 - Mother Goose's

Bye bye, Nic

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