Tuesday, April 1, 2014

dragonfly in the Games of Thrones

A new outfit from !gO! will be released at  The Secret Affairs Event starting April 6th. All information about the event here.This rounds theme is none other than the most epic series Game of Thrones! The dragonfly isn't a character in the games of Thrones. But who cares . You can make your own rol-play character isn't it.
This is the Kaleesh desert set. Top and skirt. More colors available.I combined it with a belt with knifes from long time ago from Abyss and i found in my inventory the wings in the same color of the outfit. So no  desert for Nic, because dragonflies are near the water in the wood. I went to the role-play Sim The real of Mystara at Krillian. Beatiful there! The hobo boots are from the lucky chairs at Death Row Designs.

Outfit: !gO! ( link follows when it is open)- !gO!  khaleesi desert - skirt and top (New at Secret afairs Event starts 6th of April)
Boots:Death Row Designs - drd hobo boot CA3 black (free)
From inventory: Back sack - Ronsem, Belt - Abyss; dragonfly wings - Fairy Freng Clothing; hair - Eaters Coma; Hair band - Pepper.
Pictures made at: Krillian

Bye  bye, Nic

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