Wednesday, April 16, 2014

her name is Bella

Bella..isn't that a good name for the sheep on the last picture. The sheep has horns and Nic by accident wears a horn knitted hat ( old groupgift from dollle). The clothes are from the sale at Cashmere&Keane. They will be closing its in world doors in the near future and in its place will be a new high fashion couture brand David Heather. To celebrate this occasion everything in Cashmere&Keane will be 75L. Dont worry, all items from Cashmere&Keane will remain on Marketplace.
I went there and because of my new wedge sneakers bought the pants and the tucked in shirt. But they have very nice other clothes. Go have a look. My shoes are a wearable demo found on marketplace by Soraya. In Berlin she told me wedge sneakers are hot at the moment!
The blue bubble bagpack is from the new round at Kustom9 from a gatcha machine. The shoes hanging around Nic's neck are also from a gatcha machine there.

Shoes: [Z3] - [Z3] Fullperm Sneaker Wedge Kit #1 (1ld)
Pants:*CASHMERE KEANE*-*CASHMERE KEANE*Texan Pants/FEMALE(hotpink)(75ld)
Shirt: *CASHMERE KEANE*-*CASHMERE KEANE*Texan Shirts/FEMALE(samon)(75ld)
Bagpack:[.Layover] at Kustom9-  [.Layover] Bubble bagpack (blue)(gatcha)
Shoes around neck: -Attic at Kustom9 -  -Attic- Sneaky boots (hang)(gatcha)
From inventory: Hair - Eaters Coma ; wristband- Love Soul; wrist band - Hermony; black bag- Kapone (free/ but 50ld group join fee)), hat - dolle ( free); scarf- ::K::
Pictures made at: Petit Coeur

Bye bye, Nic

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