Monday, April 21, 2014

after Easter present

"Nicandra, do you know the shop Adjunct ", Dancer asked me. " I think you once told about it " i replied. It is a small shop with male clothes and they now have a clearance sale at the first floor. All is sold for 10ld.", Dancer said. "Then i will surprice tjip today, it is his turn for a blogpost...i can give him an after Easter present may be". I went over and saw good stuff. But also non-mesh. I inspected all and came upon these mesh pants. Tjip came online and bought three of them. I show you the light grey and a dark green one. The scarf is a groupgift in the shop. They also sell nice moustaches with twitching animation!
"But what to wear on top of the pants",  i thought? First i found the long black sweater with NO on it. I went to Frisland for the pictures and got the backpack ( for males and females in two colors). You also get a bottle of water and a burger, when you click the backpack. Up to Argrace for the groupgift hair. And then came the message from GothiCatz. Two gifts in the shop one for males ( two colors) and one for females. So another new gift to show to you.

Sweater first pictures: GothiCatz - >>GothiCatz<< FashionTs (male) - (free)
Sweater last pictures: No Limitz - [NL] Sweater mesh  No Limitz (free)
Pants: Adjunct - Adjunct Sante Fe Jeans - Sandstorm (10ld clearance sale first floor)
Pants:   Adjunct - Adjunct Sante Fe Jeans - Obsidian (10ld)
Scarf: Adjunct - Adjunct Group Gift - Check Snood Scarf  unisex- (free/GG)
Backpack: Frisland - backpack ( free/ near landingspoint)
Hair: Argrace - *ARGRACE* WelcomeGift "MINATO" [male/unisex](free)
Pictures made a; Frisland
Thanks Dancer for the excellent tip again!

Bye bye, Nic

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