Wednesday, April 9, 2014

drugs deal?

What is going on here? Is he planning for a drugs deal? On the day incognito doing his things in the harbour. And in the night dressed for an important meeting with other business men? One thing is clear he changed his new clothes often. To start with the top. You see a new cardigan from ::K:: for the Seasons Story. Comes in many colors.
Under it an old shirt from Guarded Cross ( non mesh). The other Bob Marley shirt and the Rolling Stones shirt are new from Guarded Cross. They have changed all shirts in mesh shirts now. And the sim is new. I will ask the designer if he can make a box with the old non mesh shirts, because it wears easier under a cardigan. The shirt with the canabis leaf is from Leri Miles Designs. For the Rock Attitude Fashion Fair(till 11 april). I am glad to be a blogger now for Leri. We met by accident at Fameshed.
The suit is from the lucky chair from Ydea. Dancer found 6 lucky chairs there. Thanks for helping Dancer. I become all notecards from her. That is why i also found the brown snake shoes. You have to do some work to attach them well. They were attached to the low leg. That gives a strange effect. Better attach them to the feet.

Cardigan - ::K:: Simple Cardigan (The Seasons Story April 2014) (NEW)
White t-shirt: LMD at RAFF - LMDfM Tee Cannabis
Bob Marley shirt on third picture:  * Guarded Cross * Bob Marley & the Wailers T-Shirt I (V4)
Stones t- shirt: Guarded Cross - * Guarded Cross * the Rolling Stones T-Shirt Grey (V2)(free)
Suit: Ydea - Ydea Tuxedo Red (free)
Shoes: Marianela's - Marianela's SNAKE BROWN SHOE (free)
From inventory: Hair - Redgrave; jeans - Rispetto Designs (50ld marketplace)
Pictures made at: Calpe Airfield& Marina

Bye bye, Nic

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