Thursday, December 26, 2013

his skybox

Tjip is happy. Because he got this wonderful sensual decorated skybox. The skybox has a typical male sphere in my opinion. You can invite your gf or bf here. She or he will like it! This is the final present from all the christmas presents at Yasum and it is still there. It contains all the furniture from all the other days. The skybox has a ground floor and upperfloor with bedroom and office desk.
Tjip wears a shirt from BlackRose Fashion. A gift under the christmas tree. Another male gift i showed with Nicandra in the post before this one. Under the shirt he wears a black  shirt from Coco. I mentioned it before: in the discount area of the Coco shop is all free now. The boots i also grabbed there.

Skybox: Yasum - Yasum*Christmas Calender* 24**MERRY CHRISTMAS**(free)
Shirt: BlackRose Fashion - Costarlos dress shirt dust ( free)
From inventory: Boots and shirt: Coco ( all free now /discount area)

Bye bye, Nic

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